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R2: Reign of Revolution is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for PC, developed by South Korean studio NHN. Originally the game was called R2: Reign of Revolution, but in Russia during the localization company Innova Systems project was abbreviated to R2 Online. Release was held May 21, 2008. The game was also released in Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. In Europe, localization and publishing belongs to WEBZEN.

Gaming Classes

Knights – fearless warriors of noble birth, nobility, resulting in bloody feuds have lost their possessions, they have remained only in name. They do not recognize the remote attacks, their inheritance – melee. Knights of different fine physique and great physical strength. Their main weapon – sword and shield, but the highest degree of proficiency they have achieved in the possession of two-handed sword.

Ranger-demand as mercenaries during the endless wars, the Rangers possess all kinds of weapons. Seasoned in group battles, they are most effectively operate in small detachments. Rangers travel the world in search of decent Kolforta leader, whom they will be ready to fight.classes.

Magee – characters with a high level of intelligence that allows conjure. Do elves the same as the Knights of the level of force, so that they effectively used the sword in the melee, but they can attack remotely through the magic that makes the game so much more interesting character, and the fight quickly. To use magic, you must purchase special books, some of which must be periodically recharged.

They got their name for the ability to use magic appeal. Caused by them being forgotten about their own safety, immediately execute the orders of his master and do everything to protect it and Preservation. Summoner also possess unique knowledge about the animals and, most importantly, about the different ways the accumulation of mana, which gives them an advantage over other classes.

Assassins – trained killers, who formed in the past the army base of dark priests. This deadly enemies, suddenly forwards, and just as suddenly disappearing. Thanks to his mastery of the weapon they could kill the unsuspecting victim a swift and accurate blow. Assassins – masters of stealthy movement and lightning attacks, has incredible speed of attack – using any, even the most treacherous methods of warfare.warfare.

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